CFI’s Steering Your Health blog encourages constructive and engaging dialogue between over-the-road drivers across the industry to promote health, safety and wellness. At CFI, our drivers are a part of our family, and we work hard to ensure they have the tools they need to enjoy a full life outside of the cab. As a company, we realized that with the resources, tools and information shared on Steering Your Health, we could make a positive impact on the health and safety of every driver on the road — not just our own. Together as an industry we can change industry perceptions of today’s truck driver and the over-the-road lifestyle. Welcome.

This blog’s mission is to be an insightful, positive resource where:

  • Participants actively and regularly share insights, ideas and opinions
  • Contributions collectively lead to a more informed and engaged audience
  • Better awareness and understanding of health and safety issues related to the driving community are gained

We welcome your participation. If you have an interest in being part of this ongoing thought leadership and discussion forum, we encourage you to register and share your ideas. Our intent is to keep this dialogue focused on the goals and objectives outlined. If you have interests that fall outside the primary purpose of this blog, we encourage you to seek out those topic-specific sites where your opinions may be aired.

Please visit this blog often and contribute your thoughts as we work to bring visibility and understanding to those key issues important to our industry and our communities, and as we help steer our driving community to a healthy and safe future.