September 6th, 2013

Meet Jake. A five-year old Australian Shepherd who is no stranger to the highway.

Jake is owned by Con-way Truckload drivers Norris (Paul) and Vickie Dorsey. Paul and Vickie have been taking Jake on the road with them since April, and the dog has taken to line haul truck driving like a fish to water.

Aussie on the road

According to Paul, Jake loves all the new people he gets to meet in his travels. He’s become a favorite of employees on the Truckload lot in Joplin, Mo. and has made friends with customers all over the country.
When he’s on the road, Jake prefers to snooze in the bed Paul and Vickie have provided for him in the cab. He also likes to ride shotgun with Vickie. They both make sure Jake is meticulously groomed to keep him comfortable in all weather.

Paul and Vickie appreciate having Jake along for the ride, as he forces his owners to get out and walk around every 5 or 6 hours so Jake can get some exercise and do his business.

Paul and Vickie began driving for Con-way Truckload this year.

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