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September 4th, 2013

Did you miss our live Twitter chat with Gretchen, recruiting manager of Con-way Truckload? No worries – catch up on the questions drivers asked us and RSVP to our next LIVE Twitter chat event!

LIVE Twitter chat from Wednesday, August 28th from 4 to 5pm CT
with Gretchen Jackson, Recruiting Manager of Con-way Truckload.

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Gretchen, #ConwayTL recruiting manager is here today to chat about #drivers and working for Con-way Truckload

Con-way Truckload is a dry van carrier that runs all 48 states and Canada #ConwayTL #longhaul

Let’s get started with the Q&A session! Please include #ConwayTL. If we don’t have time to answer your Q today, we will in our follow up!

Q1: As a potential new #driver, I am curious, how long will I be on the road? #ConwayTL #truckerjobs

A1: Most drivers stay out between 8 to 10 days at a time. You can request to be out longer #ConwayTL

Q2: As a female new in the industry what should I be concerned about? #ConwayTL #trucking

A2: Nothing – as long as you drive safe, eat healthy and work smarter NOT harder, you will be ok. #ConwayTL #truckingjobs #healthytrucking

Meet Stephanie Klang. Captain of @AmericaRoadTeam and True to Blue with #ConwayTL @TRUCKINGdotORG

Q3: What should I expect at orientation? #ConwayTL #truckerjobs

A3: This will depend on if you are an experienced driver, independent contractor, TAP or boot camp student. #ConwayTL

Q4: Do your have tuition reimbursement? #ConwayTL #truckerjobs

A4: No, but we do offer tuition assistance. Select a truck driving school that we work with #ConwayTL

FACT: Conway Truckload was founded in 1951 as Contract Freighters, Inc (CFI) #ConwayTL

Q5: How do I get home after a run? #ConwayTL #truckerjobs

A5: Put a request in with your Fleet Supervisor. We attempt to get #drivers home when they need to but sometimes that is difficult #ConwayTL

We do not hire #truckdrivers that have BACs, DUIs or DWIs in the past five years #ConwayTL

Q6: Do you have a truck driving school in Michigan? #ConwayTL #truckerjobs

A6: Yes! We have a school in MI w tuition assistance in the Detroit area (housing available) Please give us a call! 1-800-641-4747 #ConwayTL

Q7: What is your benefits package? #ConwayTL #truckerjobs

A7: We offer an extensive group medical plan, including vision and dental with Cigna #ConwayTL

#ConwayTL is the first carrier with 100% air-ride fleet.

Q8: Can I request a female finisher? #ConwayTL #truckerjobs

A8: Yes, typically female student #drivers will train and finish with another female #trucker #ConwayTL

Thanks everyone for submitting your questions to #ConwayTL Recruiting Manager Gretchen! There is still time to ask questions #truckerjobs

Q9: How many miles should I expect each week? #ConwayTL #truckerjobs

A9: Average miles for solo driver: 2300-2500 | Regional 1800-2200 | Team drivers 5000 #ConwayTL

Q10: If you work for Conway Truckload for a while and decide you want to be local. Can you move over to @Conway_Freight? #ConwayTL

A10: Yes, after 1 year of service #drivers are eligible to transfer to @Conway_Freight ##ConwayTL

#DriverQuotes This is a family and really good place to work. Everyone works together as a team. I enjoy my job, thank you” Chuck #ConwayTL

Q11: How do driver’s get recognized. #ConwayTL

A11: We have safety bonuses, #driver of the month awards & a special ring program. Call for more info 1-800-641-4747 #ConwayTL

Q12: I have a #CDL but haven’t used it in 20yrs. Do you have a refresher course in Fort Myers, Fl? #ConwayTL

A12: Unfortunately we’d require school. We do work with #CDL schools in the area. Give us a call 1-800-641-4747 #ConwayTL

We’ve got time for one more Q with Gretchen at #ConwayTL Be sure to visit @SteerYourHealth for our follow up to todays livechat #truckerjobs

Q13: What’s your home time policy? #ConwayTL

A13: #Drivers are typically on the road 8 to 10 days. They can put in a home request with their Fleet Supervisor #ConwayTL

Q14: What types of border crossing documents do I need as a #trucker? #ConwayTL

A14: A valid US passport, FAST Pass or enhanced driver’s license or ability to obtain within 120 days of hire #ConwayTL

All drivers must pass the #ConwayTL road test, backing test and DOT physical

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About Gretchen, recruiting manager

Jackson-Gretchen_100 Gretchen Jackson has been with Con-way Truckload for more than two decades, rising up through the ranks from her role as file clerk in 1991 to become manager of recruiting in 2005. Colleagues describe her as real, honest, fair and a great asset to the company. She does not sacrifice quantity of drivers for quality in her recruitment efforts as safety is paramount to the company and inextricably tied to its success. Jackson and her staff are responsible for hiring all drivers, students and owner operators. Read more…

August 21st, 2013

This morning, our Recruiting Manger, headed out to the Great American Trucking Show (GATS) in Dallas, TX. Before she left, we asked her some questions about the show.

Find Con-way Truckload at GATS
Dates: August 22 – 24, 2013
Location: Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, TX
Booth: #20167
Follow the GATS on Twitter:
Con-way Truckload: @True2BlueJobs
The Great American Trucking Show:@TruckShow and the hashtag #GATS

What makes GATS a great show for drivers to attend?

It’s a great opportunity to get an expanded view of the entire industry with exposure to other carriers and the different jobs available. There are previews of new equipment as well as a chance to meet and engage with other professional drivers from all over the country. It is also a great way to learn about the latest safety devices and tractor and trailer technologies.

How will Con-way Truckload professional drivers be participating this year?

Our booth is staffed with professional, highly experienced professional drivers who will be available to answer questions. It is an opportunity for potential drivers to get a real-life look into what the life of an over-the-road driver looks like at Con-way Truckload.

What’s the #1 question you are asked at GATS? What is the answer?

We are asked frequently about driving schools and how much training costs. We have information on hand that includes all of our tuition rates as well as our financial assistance programs.

What do you see as the top benefit of attending GATS?

Just being there – we are able to get our name out to prospective drivers and let them know what Con-way Truckload represents. We are there to connect potential drivers with our professional drivers and show them what it means to be a valued employee who enjoys their job and career.

What Con-way Truckload recruitment initiatives will you be discussing at GATS this year?

We will be focusing on tuition assistant programs and our Military Apprenticeship Program.

What type of driver is Con-way Truckload looking to hire at the show?

All types! Students, rookies, experienced, independent contractors, regional and over the road – even those that have simply thought of a major career change. We want to talk to anyone who thinks they may need a change.

For first-time attendees visiting your booth, what information do you want them to leave with?

We want everyone to know that Con-way Truckload is a family oriented company with a friendly, welcoming atmosphere; that Con-way Truckload cares about their professional drivers and can help them be successful and eventually, if interested, own their own trucking business. We want to prove to them that Con-way Truckload really is the best company for them to drive for.

In the eyes of a driver who is contemplating switching carriers, does safety seem to be a priority?

Not really. Most are primarily interested in things like home time, miles on the road and pay rates – which are all valid concerns. However, we feel like you can’t have any of those discussions without talking about safety and health.

Are there any healthy cooking demonstrations or health related events at the show?

I always look forward to the cooking demonstrations! There are always several booths at the show that discuss cooking on the truck with great tips and tricks and recipes. There are also booths covering driver health, exercising while on the road and making better food choices. We will be handing out jump ropes and pedometers at our booth. Two items that drivers have told us really benefit them on the road.

P.S. Don’t forget to vote for and cheer on David Foster, independent contractor, in the 2013 Pride & Polish beauty competition at GATS!
David Foster 2012 GATS Pride & Polish

August 12th, 2013

It’s day seven and Bert Johnson, Con-way Truckload’s vice president of human resources returns to Truckload headquarters in Joplin, Mo., having driven over 3,300 miles in seven days with driver Frank Merrill. Bert is glad to return home and grateful to Frank and all of Con-way’s truck drivers for what they do. His trip has also given Bert a list of issues that he plans to escalate to management.

June 15, 2013

Got up at the sound of the rooster for the last time around 7 a.m. Grabbed my toothbrush, etc., and off to the restroom … usual activities. Back to the truck. Frank had made coffee this morning … I needed it. Frank finished getting ready and now we are off to look for our trailer that we are taking to Joplin, Mo., on a relay. Found it. Backed in to the fifth wheel. Raised the legs of the trailer. Frank checked the air in all tires and two tires on the trailer were 80 psi vs 100 psi. Frank carries an air hose that he can hook up to the airline, glad he handles airing up those tires. Maybe something we should consider as equipment for the drivers. May want to take a look at number of calls for low tire pressure.

Put the padlock on the back of the trailer. Aaron came over to talk a little more as he was getting ready to go also. Pulled up to the fuel island and put 100 gallons in the tanks, enough to get to Joplin, and headed out. Frank talked about a delivery receipt and completing it, indicating that customers don’t want to sign it as it is on the BOL. Why do we continue to require it? New route to Joplin … we exited U.S. Highway 63 in Jonesboro, Ark., and caught Interstate 49 North, to Arkansas. Highway 135 to U.S. Highway 62 … have seen rice patties … didn’t know we grew rice in the States. Now on U.S. Highway 63 … more of the same. West on Arkansas U.S. Highway 60 now.

We need to stop for a rest and food at Sinclair in Cabool, Mo. Five people in the place all smoking cigarettes … nice. We had breakfast/lunch. Back on the road. Now we get to deal with a major rainstorm. We are doing 40 – 45 going down the highway with our flashers on and many cars and trucks are passing us. Just pulled into the inspection bay. Everything passes. Water is 2 – 3″ deep in the parking lot … looks like a river. Frank pulls into Row 1 to drop our trailer and gets out and unhooks the fifth wheel and dollies down the legs and gets the padlock off. Gets back into the truck soaking wet.

We drove 398 miles today in seven hours, 17 minutes. We drove 3,359 miles over seven days with 3.8 percent Out-of-Route (“OOR”) miles for the entire week. Our mpg for the week was 6.76, but our truck showed 7.3. I have an entirely different perspective since I have taken this trip. I want to thank Frank for keeping his ‘precious cargo’ LOL, safe and secure. I also want to thank Frank for being a professional driver. It is definitely one of the most challenging jobs that I am aware of. Kudos to all drivers everywhere and especially to those that drive for Con-way Truckload. I have taken many suggestions back and will escalate those to our management team to review and possible implementation.