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April 22nd, 2014

In the trucking industry, when the discussion turns to prominent women, the conversation isn’t complete without noting Stephanie Klang. Stephanie is one of the true pioneers in the industry. She began her career as a team driver with her husband in 1980. All told, she’s been driving for 33 years, the last 25 of them with Con-way Truckload, based out of Joplin, Missouri.

Stephanie Klang

As part of this year’s Mid-America Trucking Show she was chosen to participate in a drive along with President and Chief Operating Officer of the American Transportation Research Institute, Rebecca Brewster. Stephanie drove Ms. Brewster on the first leg of the trip from Marietta, Ga., to Nashville, Tenn., providing her the opportunity to experience firsthand the challenges faced by drivers each day.

Stephanie also serves as a Road Captain for The American Trucking Associations’ America’s Road Team and is the third woman in the history of the program to be so honored. The Road Team is a public outreach program led by a small group of professional drivers who share superior driving skills, remarkable safety records and a strong desire to spread the word about safety on the highway. They are tasked with educating the public on the important and vital contribution trucking makes to our nation and to act as ambassadors of the industry.

This year, Stephanie was one of four finalists nominated for the Influential Woman in Trucking Award, given each year by the Women in Trucking Association. The award highlights the achievements of female role models and pioneers in the industry, recognizes their contributions and helps promote ongoing diversity. Among the four finalists, Stephanie was the only driver.

At every opportunity, Stephanie encourages women to consider a career in truck driving. She is quick to note that there are many misperceptions related to the job and urges women to embrace the adventure and find out for themselves how rewarding and satisfying a calling it can be.

January 28th, 2014

Miss our most recent LIVE chat? No worries, check out the transcript below. You can always ask us questions on Facebook or Twitter (include #ConwayTL in your post). Or, join us for our next LIVE chat on Tuesday April 8th 2014, from 4 to 5pm CT.

Con-way Truckload: Gretchen, our recruiting manager is here today to chat about drivers and working for Con-way Truckload. Say hello to Gretchen!

  • Jared K: I used to work for Swift, they released me for 3 preventable accidents which is not going on my DOT record. I also have 4 points on my license that will go away on February 20 of this year for a leaving the scene of an accident, which really wasn’t an accident, there was no insurance claim filed. Can Con-way Truckload work with me on this? I plan to apply for trucking jobs sometime in March when I’m relocated out in California.
  • Michael W: Hello
  • Jacque N: Hello
  • Marty M: Hello Gretchen! !!
  • Con-way Truckload: Jared – we responded to your original thread. Please give us a call so we can make sure we address your specific situation.
  • Jacque N: I would be interested in a position but not driving even though I have my cdl but my issue is I live in Springfield, MO
  • Con-way Truckload: We have several employees who commute from Springfield. Visit our job listings for non-driver openings.
  • Jacque N: thanks just submitted my resume, references and application
  • Con-way Truckload: Great to hear. Best of luck to you Jacque N!
  • Jill A: Hello, Gretchen.
  • Cathy S: Hello, Gretchen……hope your having a warm day…
  • Bryant C: I worked for Con-way in ‘08 and I’m so ready to go back the best job ever hands down
  • Tina H: Hi Gretchen I do drive for Con-way for over 3 yrs now I am blue blood also I’m very excited about our 2014 trucks Live my Con-way all the way!!!
  • Jacque N: I have looked into signing on but I have something I want to complete which will be in April but I am want to become a dispatcher or be in the office instead of driving but I currently live in Springfield

Eric H: At minus temps out how does one keep the idle down when the shop states its not wise to shut off your truck in the extreme temps below zero. When one is running the northern states this year, in some wide-open areas of our country?

  • Con-way Truckload: We want you to be safe and comfortable. Please use your judgment in this extreme weather.


Ricky H: How many years does a Con-way driver have to drive to become a finisher?

  • Con-way Truckload: Ricky H, we have the full requirement list on the Driver Connection, here’s a snip: 1) Length of service
a) 100,000 miles of continuous service
b) Prior training experience with previous carrier welcomed after 90 days continuous service with Con-way Truckload
c) Exceptions subject to management review


Gary S: Still wanting to come back to Con-way if I can get a dedicated run like WA to Calexico

  • Con-way TruckloadGary S – not at this time but when we have these available, we offer them to current drivers. If you’re willing to do some OTR, give us a call (866) 265-2617.


Mariana A. S: Where can I see the pictures of the 2 million mile drivers that were recognized last month?

  • Con-way Truckload: Mariana – You can see these in Driveline. If you do not receive this, you can send us an email at to get them electronically. Thanks!


Michael K: Do we have dedicated positions?

  • Brenda U: You have to be here for 1 year to be eligible for a dedicated lane. Yes they do have dedicated lanes. We run a dedicated from Dallas to Renton, WA then deadhead to Clackamas, OR then to Dallas. We run approximately 6800 miles a week with 1 day off a week. You also have to live on one end of the dedicated lane and have HAZMAT.
  • Con-way Truckload: Michael K – You can check for this in your employee portal when you log in. Click here (Sorry for the messy link):…
  • Jill A: Are there dedicated positions for solos? Will they ever get northwest regional going?
  • Roger R: We have worked here 6 years every time we ask about dedicated runs. Office people act like they are playing dodge ball.
  • Con-way Truckload: We offer available lanes to any of our drivers, based on seniority and location. There is not a minimum requirement. However, the Driver Career Choice program (transfer to LTL) requires a one-year tenure.


Kevin D: What is the average mileage a driver is getting?

  • Con-way Truckload: Kevin D: Average mileage for solo driver is 2,000 to 2,500 per week.
  • Roger R: I know if miles don’t increase we will be looking at other options.


John M: Can I get someone to help me with my computer to download my logs and payroll next time I am in Joplin?

  • Con-way Truckload: John M – If you don’t want to wait, call in and ask for our IT Helpdesk.


James C: Is Con-way looking into a western 11 I would love to run in the west more I’m in the east 
more then anywhere

  • Con-way TruckloadJames C, nothing western at this time. We are working on it though. Thanks for asking!

Kevin Hastings Missed the call in the other day. Do you know what type of trucks we’re getting for 2014 and are they twin screws?

  • Con-way Truckload: Kevin – we just posted. Let us know if you can’t find it!
  • BJ H: what about the new trucks? What are we getting and plz tell me their are twin screws PLZZZZZZZ!!!


Con-way Truckload: Everyone is asking about the new trucks. Here is some info on them: 
550 total.
 All are twin screw. 
540 are also automatics.

  • Eric H: Truck #31058 needs one with twin screws and fridge. With new tires. Hey it doesn’t hurt to ask lol.
  • Daniel D: Finally getting real trucks again won’t be stuck on an inch of snow
  • Scott P: I will trade my T680 tag for a new Auto twin screw..LOL
  • Scott P: Mine has the 13 speed just saying…LOL
  • Joshua K: Why would you run a 13 in a 62mph truck? I drive a 2014 Volvo with the 12-speed Volvo I-shift. I’m governed at 67, pull all types of dry freight, running 1200rpm at 67. I have 69323 on the odometer, and lifetime average is 8.4mpg. I am running duals, full shirts to the drives, have a TriPac, and 225 total gallons for fuel.
  • Adam A: Joshua K we are not governed at 62…….I won’t drive a automatic, I can’t stand them they are way too unsafe.
  • Joshua K: What’s unsafe about an automatic? I’m in full control of my truck, just don’t have to move a stick around. Yes, you are governed at 62, unless every truck I pass is running 62 for the fun of it.
  • Mike S: They are not governed at 62. The company requests they run 62 for fuel purposes.
  • John S. P: I’ll trade my 660 for someone’s 680… any takers?!
  • John S. P: And Joshua K we run 62 to be safe good sir. No reason to rush.
  • Tina H: Thank God I love my Con-way I knew you would come around
  • Ricky H: Thats correct 62 is what we run to b safe and help save fuel .. have a safe day .
  • Cathy O: I would love to get back into an your automatic… loved driving the Volvo that we had. I just hope they have more room than the T680 have for teams…
  • Allen Z: They should start giving the two million milers their choice of truck what think about this!!
  • Mike R: Joshua K add me as a friend. I want to show u a pick of my speedo with the pedal mashed to the floor then maybe ull believe we r not governed at 62 mph
  • Kurt L: why are we getting automatic transmissions? seems a another problem in the distance (my thoughts ) I surly want a 10 speed!!
  • Alex L: What kind of trucks? Anything for solos with more room then the 660s?
  • Bryan B: How about 660 studios for everyone yeah
  • David J: I like the twin screw. But would rather have a 13 speed trans instead of automatic. With dual tires. I like the new trailers with duals and airflation system.
  • Charlie C: Automatics???? Who is asking for those??? Yes u agree more room plz!!! I’m 5’7″ and these 660’s r small for me, I feel for the drivers that are taller….
  • Steve G: We went from a 13 speed to an auto shift. You will like it trust me.
  • Jonie C: why so many autos? most drivers prefer manual. as i do. great to hear we are getting twin screws but they had to go and mess with something else. a lot of drivers wont come to a company if they think they are gona be put in an automatic. they should have made it 50/50 not 540 out of 550
  • Justin G: Yea no automatic for me please….and 62?………………..ugh….ill keep my 660 for as long as possible
  • Gary A: automatic’s?…ok…I’ll be looking for a new job…….
  • Bob H: Wow wth was hoping to get out of this cramped up 660 when new trucks came in but agree with few others may be time to start looking at some of the offers I’ve had from other company’s tired of being cramped up in this truck can’t go home every couple weeks cause you loose to much money going home like that so I try to stay out 4-6 weeks at least sometimes longer but it’s getting harder and harder in this Closter phobic truck lol
  • Bob H: Your cramped up behind the wheel driving and cramped up in sleeper
  • Jonie C: I agree Bob, I started out as south mid regional. couldn’t get more than 1800-2000 miles a week so went otr. Now I stay out 4-6 wks myself for the same reason. Weeks I go home are short weeks so doesn’t work to do that every other week.
  • Jonie C: i got lucky and got into a 680 last year. i am 4’8 and even I couldn’t sit strait up in my bunk in the 660. I use upper bunk for storage so couldn’t put it up. Was a real uncomfortable truck for room. Don’t know how taller people deal with it
  • John S. P: I’m 6’1″ inside a 660 with a dog. I’ll take anything bigger please!


Stephen B: May I ask, how come so many Automatics?
Are we getting any 13 speed transmissions?

  • Con-way Truckload: Stephen B, the automatics are the results of driver requests, plus we are excited to run and compare the automatics offered by each manufacturer to look at performance, fuel etc… 10 of the 550 are indeed 13 speed transmissions.


David P: What are the first year pay raise increments for a new driver after finishing?

  • Con-way Truckload: David P – Great question! This depends on student driver vs. experienced driver. Upon finishing, immediate pay increase, and future pay raises are given based on year of productivity. Please call recruiting for details. (866) 265-2617.


Kevin D: What are the trucks that you primarily use…. definitely looking forward to working for Conway

  • Con-way Truckload: Kevin D: We select our trucks based on driver surveys and annual truck viewing days. We run a variety of manufacturers including Kenworth, Volvo, Freightliner, International, Navistar, Peterbilt with the majority comprised of Kenworth T660 and T680.


Jared K: I used to work for Swift; they released me for 3 preventable accidents, which is not going on my DOT record. I also have 4 points on my license that will go away on February 20 of this year for a leaving the scene of an accident, which really wasn’t an accident, there was no insurance claim filed. Can Conway Truckload work with me on this? I plan to apply for trucking jobs sometime in March when I’m relocated out in California.

  • Amado E: Maybe 6 tickets or 6 accidents
  • Amado E: I have super singles on my truck with Werner I drove ice snow and rain and I don’t have accidents at all having super singles have no difference at all
  • Con-way TruckloadJared K – Give our recruiters a call and they can talk more in depth with you. (866) 265-2617.
  • Jared K: Ok, thanks
  • Amado E: Jared K, go for it con way is a good company I wish I could but now I’m owner op at Werner
  • Jared K: I’ll probably go for it once I get to California in March
  • John O: Did u work for them Amado E?
  • Amado E: Yes I did 2 years ago. Then I move to Con-way Freight


Michael B: Switching over and running team next month. My partner and I are really wanting a nice new truck. What are the chances we could get a T680? Just curious.

  • Con-way Truckload: Please contact your Fleet Supervisor for those details and let them know your preference.
  • Michael B: Thanks Conway. I will. 
You guys are awesome!


Con-way Truckload: Q for the Drivers – what do you think all new OTR drivers should know when starting with #ConwayTL or any long-haul professional driving position?

  • Michael B: Treat each other with respect. Be patient and polite to customers. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Whether its asking other Conway drivers or picking up the phone and calling operations. Communicate with them and they will help you be successful. 

If you feel unsafe, shut it down and park it.
Safety first!
  • Paul L: They should know the home time policy of how the highlights work and how if they need an exact day off
  • Paul L: Safety is number 1
  • John S. P: Slow and steady. No reason to rush.
  • Michael K: Just sit back relax and enjoy the ride!
  • Jeff T: Be level headed
  • Cathy O: Safety is number 1. Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Wes T: Don’t get over confident or rush yourself because that’s when mistakes occur. Also don’t burn yourself out the first year or so. Take your home time every couple weeks. It makes it more enjoyable.
  • Ricky H: Be safe and courteous on the roads .be patient and nice to all the customers’ .be on time with all loads. Always communicate with Ops. And always leave an empty trailer (ready for the next driver).
  • Ricky H: P.s. when in doubt when backing .get out and look
  • Michael B: G.O.A.L.
  • Jonie C: goal is a huge factor. But something i think everyone should realize, old or new to the industry is every day is different, I don’t care if you run the same route around the same trucks and 4 wheelers or if you have 20 years experience…. treat each day as if you are doing it for the first time. Respect your truck, respect others and respect the road and elements. Take NOTHING for granted. I hear so many new and old that think they know everything. They have been there and done that. Please if you are one of these drivers…get out of the truck and go home. New or experienced…. we can all learn something new every day.
  • Roy A: Safety first… In everything you do out here. Slow down and take it easy. Get out of the truck and get off the interstate. If you’re going to be out here, enjoy it.
  • Jonie C: one more thing I would like to say to new or newer drivers…. if you don’t feel comfortable in a situation (i.e. backing into some places at shippers and receivers)…then don’t do it. Talk to your fleet mgr or safety first. a huge pet peeve of mine is for me to be told by a shipper or receiver “they do it every day all day long”. This usually comes from a dockhand that has never set foot into a truck. Every driver is different. Everyone has limits according to their own personal experience and comfort level.
  • Gary A: never ever rely on navigo, or g.p.s….. learn to read your map’s…..plan your route’s…..plan fuel/break stops……learn to calculate time/distance……..when in doubt, drop a gear and gas on it…….just kidding on that……ask question’s……be aware of your surroundings……..Utilize the “Smith system”……It does work!…….
  • BJ H: be sure to understand how Con-way figures your MPG!!!
  • Stephen B: Be understanding with your fleet manager..
And take the good with the bad..
And always remember, being safe out on the road and in all aspects of life is the key!!
  • Michael K: Remember also. An otr truck driver is a LIFESTYLE. It takes a certain skill set to be out here all this time and still do your job well. It’s not for everyone. But it has the best view of any job on earth.
  • Michael K: One more thing lol. Develop a routine early on. With everything. Pre-trip. Post trip. End of days stuff. Beginning of day. I start at the passenger side of my engine and work counter clock wise around till I get back to there for my inspections. I clean my truck in the end of day and sweep it out on the beginning. If you have a set way to do things every day you are much less likely to make a mistake.
  • David P: It is a lifestyle and commitment … to get up move freight, work on good driving habits … When you think you are safe…Think ” what would be safer”…


Con-way Truckload: Thanks everyone for participating in today’s chat! If you have questions after this today – please post or give us a call (866) 265-2617!

  • Michael W: Thank you.
  • Petra H: Thank you for your time





September 13th, 2013

Recently, I caught up with David Foster, an independent contractor with Con-way Truckload. David is a valuable driver with us and takes great pride in his truck. Most recently, David  took home first place in working class bobtail and interior at the 2013 Great American Trucking Show‘s (GATS) Pride and Polish Beauty Contest.

Since so many of you inquire about David’s truck, I wanted to chat with David about his truck care and maintenance while sharing photos of his truck.

Q1: Do you have a daily, weekly, monthly cleaning routine while on the road?

A1: I usually try get my truck washed once a week – depending on weather and what I’ve run through. As far as cleaning the interior, I just use one damp washcloth and one dry one. I wipe everything down every other day while waiting loads or hours to flip over. I vacuum it out every time I’m at a yard or at the house. My shoes come off every time I go to the bunk.

Q2: How do you maintain your truck?

A2: I don’t really use any products on the interior. I don’t have a trash can— any trash goes by the door & out the door at the next stop..

Q3: Do you have favorite cleaning shortcuts or products?

A3: Like I said earlier, I don’t really use any products on the interior. But for the outside, I wax the paint with Fukken Wax. It’s an aerosol that doesn’t leave a residue around the rivets & cracks. I do the paint first, then the chrome and stainless with Zephyr Pro-40 Metal Polish. It leaves a deep shine and comes off easy.

Q4: Any tips for other drivers out there for keeping their trucks as well maintained as yours?

A4: If you stay after things it’s easier. It gives you a better attitude on the road, especially when you get compliments on you truck.

P.S. That bag on the shelf is my folding bike. It’s great and lets me see things around the country I never would’ve seen with just my truck.

David Foster