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March 26th, 2014

Fuel is one of the highest costs for carriers. While there are technologies and equipment that can help improve MPGs, including trailers with aerodynamic devices, low rolling resistance tires and other MPG improvement options, every driver has some control over his or her driving efficiency.

Check out our tips below on how to increase your fuel efficiency while out on the road.

  • Reduce idling. Excessive idling is a large contributor to increased fuel expense and can also contribute to a variety of maintenance problems.
  • Use Progressive Shifting. This driving technique uses little additional rpm between each upshift before grabbing the next gear. Any amount of rpm reduction before upshifting will help save fuel.
  • Stay in the highest gear as long as possible. Modern engines already make 90% of their max torque starting around 1000 rpm. That means you can climb hills in higher gears than you could have in older trucks.
  • Steady RPMs- Do your best to keep the rpms below 1500 while accelerating and keep rpms as steady as possible throughout the trip.
  • Reduce highway speed. When possible, dropping top speed by even three mph can have a significant impact on fuel economy.

Have some other tips? Share them with us!

March 24th, 2014

The 2014 Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS) is scheduled for this weekend, March 27-29 at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville. MATS is the largest annual heavy duty trucking event in the world, with more than 70,000 people in attendance last year. Since 1972, MATS has been providing an insider’s view to the latest products and services to current and potential drivers, and giving attendees the opportunity to connect with suppliers, customers and carriers.

I’ll be in attendance again this year representing Con-way Truckload in booth #63060 in the West Wing of the Exposition Center.  Joining me will be Con-way Truckload drivers Victor Martinez, Stephanie Klang and Becky Hill.

Victor Martinez has become an authority on healthy living while behind the wheel. An avid fan of juicing, he will present information on the benefits of incorporating fruit and vegetable juicing into a regular diet and providing juicing demos (and samples!) to visitors.

Stephanie Klang is a finalist for the Women in Trucking (WIT) Influential Woman in Trucking Award, a 3 Million Mile Driver and an America’s Road Team Captain. Days prior to the show, Stephanie will be participating in a ride along with the President and COO of the American Transportation Research Institute, Rebecca Brewster. The ride along was organized by WIT as a chance to give the industry leader first-hand experience of the challenges faced by drivers each day.

Becky Hill, one of Con-way Truckload’s Owner Operators will be available to share her story of a successful transition from the military to a career in over-the-road driving, discuss tips for staying safe on the road as a female solo driver and answer questions about running a business.

I encourage you to attend this exciting and informative event to network and discuss industry topics, including driver health and safety issues, as well as business and career options. We look forward to seeing you there and don’t forget to stop by for a visit.

Safe Travels,

Gretchen Jackson

Manager of Driver Recruitment

Con-way Truckload

January 9th, 2014

Originally published January 4, 2014

Alternate Routes to Fitness
Drivers take many roads to better health

By Joe Morris

A contest was the entrée to healthier living for Dale Davenport as well. Just as his doctor informed him that he had high blood pressure and was prediabetic, Con-way Truckload launched its own version of the “Biggest Loser” contest.

“I would have gone on a diet no matter what, but I’m really competitive so this came along at the right time,” Davenport says. “I hate losing at anything, so this was a great way to get headed in the right direction.”

The contest featured individual and team competitions, with those losing the largest percentage of body weight taking home the crown. Overall, the drivers, non-drivers and teams lost more than 2,000 pounds, and Davenport took first place after shedding 40 pounds, or 15.8 percent, of his total body weight. And in the eight months since, he’s kept the bulk of the weight off.

Dale Davenport

“My wife and I drive as a team, so I’ve had great support,” he explains. “But I also took it off slowly, which helped. I do all my own cooking, and don’t touch fast food. I eat 500 calories three times a day, and I have a food plan so I know when and what I am going to eat. That way I don’t ever get too hungry.”

He also exercises six times a week, getting in workouts for three days, resting for one day, and then back at it. Like his diet, he says scheduling is everything.

“It does seem to mean everything to me; I have to exercise before noon or my brain just doesn’t feel right,” he says. “Even when I was big I exercised, but it was much harder. Eating was always the thing I couldn’t stop doing, so not letting myself get hungry is the thing. Exercising, eating and sleeping at the same times, which can be difficult as a team driver, has been the way to go for me.”

Dale Davenport

Even with that, Davenport put 12 pounds back on, but has already dropped three of those. “It’s a day-by-day thing,” he allows. “If you stop or slow down, you will lose some ground. But you can always make that back up.”

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