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December 21st, 2015

Over the years, XPO Logistics Truckload (formerly Con-way Truckload) has had an impressive collection of heroes. This heroes series serves to honor their actions, both on and off America’s roadways. Stay tuned for more stories about our company’s heroes – past and present – over the coming weeks. 

Robert Woolf

In 2013, professional driver Robert Woolf earned the designation of Highway Angel from the Truckload Carriers Association, for his efforts to help a fellow driver survive a serious car accident in upstate New York.

Early in the morning on November 7, 2012, Woolf was driving his truck on I-90 near Syracuse, New York, when a small passenger car passed him. The two vehicles reached a curve in the highway, and suddenly the passenger car went off the road, smashing violently against the guardrail. When the guardrail ended, the car lunged across the median into oncoming traffic, spun back over the median and finally came to a stop.

Seeing the accident unfold in front of him, Robert Woolf immediately called 911, came to a stop and exited his truck to see if he could help in some way. In driver training school, Woolf had been taught that, in the event of a life-threatening accident such as this, it is vital to keep the victim perfectly still to avoid exacerbating any potential spinal injuries. Woolf did just that, propping the unconscious man up with his shoulder and cupping his hand against the man’s neck to serve as a brace. He was able to successfully stabilize the driver until the paramedics arrived.

Instantly, Woolf’s actions were recognized as heroic, though the Leland, North Carolina, native remained humble in an emotional speech at the ceremony honoring his Highway Angel designation.

“You can’t see something like that happen right in front of you and not try to do something,” Woolf said. “Your conscience tells you that you have to [help].”

Later in his Highway Angel acceptance speech, Woolf did not shy away from the one issue that XPO Logistics holds as its top priority: safety.

“If you had seen what I saw that day, you would wear your seat belt the way it is intended,” Woolf said. “That man would not have survived without his seat belt.”

Born in North Carolina, Woolf spent his childhood in the Florida Keys, only to return to North Carolina. He is the proud father of twin boys and a daughter.

December 16th, 2015

with Driver Advocate Tim Hicks and Professional Driver Felix Median

On Saturday, December 12, thousands of people gathered at veterans’ memorials all across the country to take part in National Wreaths Across America Day. The event is held to honor our country’s fallen servicemen and women, as well as their families. On this day, remembrance wreaths are placed on the memorial sites of these men and women, in total over 900,000 wreaths were laid this year. Each wreath originates in Maine and is transported around the country by volunteer members of the trucking community. XPO Logistics is proud to have helped this cause by donating $10,000 and transporting five truckloads, or 25,000 wreaths, to Houston National Cemetery (HNC) in Houston, Texas.

Drivers gather to lay a wreath in Houston as part of Wreaths Across America Day

Tim Hicks and Felix Medina are two of our professional drivers who helped transport the wreaths. On Wreaths Across America Day, Tim and Felix took part in a special convoy that traveled through Houston on route to the cemetery. Upon reaching the cemetery, Hicks recalls: “The skies were grey, which seemed to be fitting for this day. A marine and an army soldier played Echo Taps and then it started to rain. Most people just stood there in the rain and paid their respects. That was a very emotional thing to experience. Then it stopped raining. The wreaths were laid, then the rain came again, like it was on cue.”

Tim is a veteran of the United States Air Force and currently works as a driver advocate for XPO Logistics. His father was in the United States Army and served in both WWII and Korea. His brother served in the Air Force and his nephew serves in the Marine Corps. Tim had the honor of transporting his wreaths to Houston in the True to the Troops Truck and upon arriving at the cemetery, Tim met a mother whose son was buried there. “She asked which truck I drove, and I showed her a picture of the “Star Spangled Truck” (as I call it). She showed me a picture she took of the truck as it was pulling into HNC and then told me how great it was that XPO Logistics takes part in this event. IMG_1164

For Felix Medina, Wreaths Across America day gave him the opportunity to connect with his aunt, a veteran of the United States army. The two walked the cemetery together, placing wreaths on various graves. “It was very touching. I took the time to appreciate the person whose memorial I was honoring. It was even more touching to watch my Aunt participate. It reminded me how much I appreciate her. She was very thankful to be able to be a part of the day,” said Felix.

After the event was over, Felix and Tim looked back on what they took away from the experience. “Appreciation,” said Felix. “It’s important to appreciate every soldier and be there for them just like they’re always there for us.” This was not Tim’s first Wreaths Across America experience, but that didn’t stop the day from having an immense impact on him. “To watch mothers and fathers grieve for those who willingly made the ultimate sacrifice was a humbling experience,” said Hicks. “Saturday made me proud to be a veteran and a driver.”


September 2nd, 2015

by Keith Zecman, professional driver

As a professional driver for Con-way Truckload, there are several reasons why I stay True to Blue.

For starters, drivers get to use quality equipment; I get a new truck every four years or sooner. My fleet manager, Deb Osborn, is amazing. When she’s not available, there are other managers who are very professional when I need help. All the local dispatchers do a great job getting me rolling – sometimes they even let me choose my load, if they have extras. So remember — what comes around goes around!

Next, is what I call the “first line of defense” in keeping my truck and trailer in top shape: the inspection bay — they are always going out of their way to help me. I never have a problem with going to the tire shop if I feel a tire is unsafe. The shop personnel are awesome. A famous phrase I always hear from the shop workers is “Next!” (or “What else you got?”) They are there to help us with anything we need.

Keith Zecman

The compliance department helps protect my paycheck and me. What other company do you know of that cares about your paycheck? None that I can think of.

Since I’m a finisher as well as a driver, I know that the training department does a great job as well, from Andy to Sally to ALL the other folks. It takes a team effort to hire, train and get the first load to a new driver. I’m proud to be a part of this fun process.

Con-way Truckload opened the forum Your Voice Is Heard because management wants to hear from us and to listen to our suggestions. I have made a few suggestions myself! The leadership wants to know what they can do to make our job a pleasant one.

Con-way Truckload is also involved in the community — not just in Joplin, but in the communities of all other terminals as well. We have Truckloads of Treasures shopping sprees at Christmas, fundraisers for drivers who have been out of work due to an injury or illness, and other charitable activities. These are just a few that I know of — I’m sure there are more.

In closing, I would like to say we ALL have a great company to work for, and we should be setting the standard, NOT the status quo. If I could rename the company, I would call it “Team Con-way.” There is so much teamwork going on behind the scenes and in our fleets. Our True to Blue statement is correct: “You have the support of an entire company behind you.” To all others within the Con-way Truckload family that I may not have specifically mentioned, please know that I appreciate all you do as well. Without your support behind the scenes, I couldn’t do my job. You make it easy for me to stay True to Blue.