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January 18th, 2016

Earlier this month, one of our professional drivers, Bobby Chilcoat, achieved the career milestone of 3 million accident-free miles.

Bobby joined the company in January of 1991. He also served as a driver trainer and regularly competes in the Missouri State Truck Driving Championship. Last year, he even took first place in the sleeper berth class, earning him a spot in the national finals competition.Bobby Chilcoat Podium Horz

Hank Bartos, president of XPO Logistics’ truckload business, commented: “Bobby has joined an elite group of professional drivers, and his accomplishment sets a high standard for safety excellence. He is one of only four drivers in our truckload operations to achieve 3 million accident-free miles — the equivalent of nearly six round-trips to the moon!”

Keep reading to see our interview with Bobby about his insights on traveling 3 million safe miles, his most memorable times on the road and more.

Q:  How does it feel to drive 3 million miles accident-free?

Bobby: It’s hard to believe. There are no words to describe it, really. You drive out there every day and hitting that milestone never goes through your mind until the last few months when you realize you’re almost there and you do everything possible to stay safe.

Q: Do you have a favorite place you’ve seen over the past 3 million miles?

Bobby: For me, one of the prettiest places is Columbia River Gorge off I-84. I just love – and still love — driving that one. It’s one of the most beautiful sites.

Q: When you joined us – did you think you would reach 3 million miles?

Bobby: That wasn’t even in my vocabulary. I just needed a good job at the time and I always enjoyed traveling. My father-in-law recommended the company to me.

Q: Turnover is significant in this industry – what made you stay here at CFI/Con-way/XPO?

Bobby: I love to travel. The job fits my needs and I enjoy the people here – they’re always try to help me out and I like that.

Q: How would you advise drivers to be as safe as you are?

Bobby: I’m going to go back to one piece of advice my father-in-law always told me — Use your mirrors. Know what’s around you at all times. If you do that, you’ll be able to see the accident that’s trying to find you before it happens.

Q: Is there anything else you want to share about your accomplishment?

Bobby: There isn’t a secret to what I’ve done. If everyone would just slow down, they could do 3 million accident-free miles. Just slow down and pay attention.

January 13th, 2016

Each year, XPO Logistics’ truckload division celebrates our best of the best professional drivers with the annual Drivers of the Year Awards — the company’s highest recognition.

The Driver of the Year Award categories include individual and team awards for company and contracted drivers, as well as an award for the top regional driver. Award recipients are selected based on dedication to safety, professional service and exemplary performance.

Our 2015 Drivers of the Year are:

  • Company Driver of the Year, Rene Ibarra, has been driving professionally for more than 24 years, joining the company in 1997. He resides in Duncan, Okla., and when he’s not driving, Rene enjoys fixing up his home and having cookouts with his family.
  • Independent Contractor Driver of the Year, Ronald Dennis, joined the company in 2009 and since then has driven nearly 1 million miles. He served in the Army for four years and currently resides in Memphis, Tenn.
  • Company Team of the Year, Tom and Paulette Porter, started driving as a team for the company in 2010. They reside in Orlando, Fla., and have five daughters and six grandchildren.
  • Independent Contractor Team of the Year, Diana Prieto and Fausto Colon, have driven more than 3.1 million miles as a team. They currently travel with their two dogs, Tinker and Chanel. They reside in San Diego, Cali.
  • Regional Driver of the Year, Baldemar Tovar, started driving professionally in 1990, joining the company in 2002. He resides in Eagle Pass, Texas, with his wife, Alma. When not in the driver’s seat, he enjoys spending time with his two grandchildren.

Driver of the Year winners were presented with prizes for their achievement, including an official XPO Logistics jacket, a customized award plaque, a prize item of their choice and a cash prize.

2015 DOY Group Shot

December 21st, 2015

Over the years, XPO Logistics Truckload (formerly Con-way Truckload) has had an impressive collection of heroes. This heroes series serves to honor their actions, both on and off America’s roadways. Stay tuned for more stories about our company’s heroes – past and present – over the coming weeks. 

Robert Woolf

In 2013, professional driver Robert Woolf earned the designation of Highway Angel from the Truckload Carriers Association, for his efforts to help a fellow driver survive a serious car accident in upstate New York.

Early in the morning on November 7, 2012, Woolf was driving his truck on I-90 near Syracuse, New York, when a small passenger car passed him. The two vehicles reached a curve in the highway, and suddenly the passenger car went off the road, smashing violently against the guardrail. When the guardrail ended, the car lunged across the median into oncoming traffic, spun back over the median and finally came to a stop.

Seeing the accident unfold in front of him, Robert Woolf immediately called 911, came to a stop and exited his truck to see if he could help in some way. In driver training school, Woolf had been taught that, in the event of a life-threatening accident such as this, it is vital to keep the victim perfectly still to avoid exacerbating any potential spinal injuries. Woolf did just that, propping the unconscious man up with his shoulder and cupping his hand against the man’s neck to serve as a brace. He was able to successfully stabilize the driver until the paramedics arrived.

Instantly, Woolf’s actions were recognized as heroic, though the Leland, North Carolina, native remained humble in an emotional speech at the ceremony honoring his Highway Angel designation.

“You can’t see something like that happen right in front of you and not try to do something,” Woolf said. “Your conscience tells you that you have to [help].”

Later in his Highway Angel acceptance speech, Woolf did not shy away from the one issue that XPO Logistics holds as its top priority: safety.

“If you had seen what I saw that day, you would wear your seat belt the way it is intended,” Woolf said. “That man would not have survived without his seat belt.”

Born in North Carolina, Woolf spent his childhood in the Florida Keys, only to return to North Carolina. He is the proud father of twin boys and a daughter.