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August 18th, 2014

As Con-way Truckload’s Driver Advocate, I’m always looking for ways to keep drivers safer and healthier on the road. One of the best strategies for doing this is to simply listen. Our drivers are experienced professionals who understand the importance of working together to improve the job, so when they bring concerns, comments or ideas to me, I try to share the solutions and tips.

An issue that has been brought to my attention recently is tandem slide locking pins that won’t retract when the locking pin release arm is pulled. This is a safety issue that generally results from one of the pins binding on the slider rails. Drivers have reported injuries to their shoulders — especially damage to the rotator cuff —from trying to muscle the pins into position.


Some success has been reported from the practice of putting the truck in forward or reverse and sliding the trailer box slightly forward or backward in order to get the pins to retract. There is also the temptation to simply whack the pins with a hammer (strongly discouraged). The easiest and most effective solution is to use a lubricant on the pins and slider rails.

Lithium grease, also referred to as white lithium, is an inexpensive, easy-to-use and effective answer. It adheres well to metal, is non-corrosive, may be used under extremely heavy loads, has outstanding temperature tolerance and is resistant to moisture. It can be purchased in spray can form at any Wal-mart or automotive parts store for between $3.00 and $5.00. It stores easily, will not gum up or collect dirt and is very easy to apply. A quick shot to all four pins and a couple of pulls to work it in is all it takes.

Regular applications of white lithium will make the chore of adjusting trailer tandems easier, less work, less frustrating and reduce the risk of injury.

Stay tuned for more tips and if you have a comment or issue that you’d like me to look into, please give me a call.

-Tim Hicks

August 12th, 2014

We know that our professional drivers are the company’s most important asset and that’s why Con-way Truckload is pleased to announce an improved driver pay package that raises per-mile pay, increases layover pay and adds a new bonus program to reward drivers for both loyalty and productivity.

Effective Sept. 7, 2014, Con-way Truckload eligible drivers will see a $0.01 per dispatch mile increase in their pay rate and an increase in layover/breakdown pay to $75 per day. On Sept. 1, 2014 our drivers will start earning through our new productivity bonus program.

Our new annual productivity bonus is designed to reward drivers for their loyalty. Under this program, drivers can earn additional compensation, paid as an annual bonus, of between $0.015 and $0.03 per mile, on miles driven within previous 12 months from their anniversary date.

Here’s how it works:

Drivers with current mileage achievements of less than a million miles driven with Con-way Truckload will receive an additional $0.015 per mile for all miles driven during a twelve month period. Drivers who have achieved one million miles or more with Con-way Truckload will receive an additional $0.03 per mile for all miles driven in a twelve month period. This bonus will be paid out the month following a driver’s anniversary date.

When combined with our other driver compensation and bonus programs, a new-hire, experienced company driver can start at a total of $0.425 per mile.
The rate increases and new bonus program enhance one of the industry’s most attractive and competitive compensation and benefits package for OTR drivers. Currently, Con-way Truckload’s package includes: bonus pay for reaching safety performance objectives, paid vacations, health care plans, a retirement savings 401(k) plan including a company contribution, free rider programs, a pet companion ride-along program and reliable home time.

Questions? If you are one of our drivers, your fleet manager has all the details and will be available to talk. You can also find more information in Option 5. Thank you for staying True to Blue!

New to Con-way Truckload or want to join our team? Give one our recruiters a call at 1-866-265-2617 or learn more at

August 2nd, 2014

If you had to miss our most recent LIVE Facebook chat, check out the transcript below. You can always ask us questions on Facebook or Twitter (include #ConwayTL in your post!)

SYH Driver Chat

Q: Does Con-way Truckload Hire Drivers from Southwest FL (Naples)? I have heard that they don’t hire in this area because there isn’t much freight?

A: We do hire from this area and we would love to review your application; however, you are correct concerning the freight as this will affect home time. If hired from this area, please be patient with home time.

Here is one of our most frequently asked questions:
Q: What is in your benefits package?

A: We offer an extensive group medical plan, including vision and dental with Cigna. More info:

Q: I live in Texas does your company have any regional runs?
A: We have both regional and local depending on your area. Please call us ASAP. Our recruiters are waiting. (866) 265-2617

Q: I have recently seen that the company has purchased new trucks that have automatic transmissions. I am a new student and don’t want to end up losing my skills with a manual transmission. How would your company handle this?
A: This year we are adding 540 automatic trucks; however, the majority the trucks in our fleet are manuals.. Our trucks are assigned on a first come, first serve basis. We do try to accommodate requests, so please tell your recruiter your preference by calling (866) 265-2617, or emailing

Here’s another from our ‪#‎ConwayTL‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ FAQ:
Q: How many miles should I expect each week?

A: Average miles for solo driver: 2,300-2,500 | Regional 1,800-2,200 | Team drivers 5,000

Q: What is Con-way’s highlight policy?
A: Depends, regionals are home one out of every seven days and over- the-road drivers are typically out 14-21 days. For every seven days out, you earn a day of home time.

Q: How long is the waiting list for the Midwest regional fleet and the Waverly dedicated?
A: There are a lot of variables as to how quickly the wait list will move, but your fleet supervisor would be able to give you more specifics. Please check in with them and thanks for the question!

Q: Do you have a leasing program?
A: Yes, our Destination Ownership program offers trade trucks to drivers with six or more months of tenure at Con-way Truckload. We help you become a business owner. One of the many perks at Con-way Truckload.

Q: I am getting ready to graduate from truck driving school. Do you hire students?
A: We absolutely hire students with one of the top paying student programs in the nation. We understand it can be intimidating to start as a solo professional driver, so we have an excellent training program. Call now, our recruiters are standing by (866) 265-2617.

Q: Will you all have recruiters at the Great American Truck Show this year?
A: Yes we will! Booth 20167. Please stop by and visit, we will be there.
Q: Do I have to come to Joplin to attend orientation?
A: We actually have seven orientation sites: Joplin, MO; Jacksonville, FL; Birmingham, AL; Marion, Ohio; Taylor, Mich., Lancaster, Texas and Phoenix, AZ

Q: I get a lot of questions from my Facebook friends regarding our Pet and Rider passes.
A: We have a free passenger pass program for drivers who wish to bring a passenger age 12 or older. We also have a friendly pet policy that allows for one dog or cat per driver. Please call for more details.

Q: Do you have dedicated lanes?
A: We have some available in several different locations-please call for more information,
(866) 265-2617, or e-mail

Q: Do you have WiFi in your trucks?
A: We do not have WiFi at this time; but we offer free XM radio and GPS.

Q: Do you offer truck washes?

A: We do! We have truck washes at our terminal locations in Joplin, Mo., and Lancaster and Laredo, Texas. We also provide for a truck wash while on the road every 30 days away from truck wash terminals.

Thanks again for your questions and participation today. We’re always willing to answer questions, use hashtag ‪#‎ConwayTL‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ on Twitter at any time and we will follow up!

Mark your calendars for our next live chat on Wednesday, September 3, 2014.