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May 28th, 2015

This past week, in commemoration of Memorial Day, Con-way Truckload was fortunate enough to provide transportation for an important symbol of appreciation for veterans who served in the Vietnam War —  The Wall That Heals. The Wall That Heals is a replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and a mobile education center which travels the country educating civilians, honoring veterans and allowing the public to pay their respects to those who served.

This year marks the 40nd anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War and many Vietnam veterans are still alive today. A number of Vietnam veterans are employed by Con-way.

Beginning on Memorial Day, one of our True to the Troops trucks, and Vietnam veteran driver, Tomy Fox, began transporting the wall  to locations in Michigan, Indiana and Illinois. Below are a few photos of the set-up, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.






Our next stop will be at 1:30 p.m. at the Con-way Freight facility in La Salle, Illinois, for all those who are interested in attending.

How did you honor our nation’s heroes this Memorial Day weekend? Share your stories with us on Facebook, Thank you to our Veterans!



May 11th, 2015

Last month we made a big announcement that garnered a lot of positive feedback from you, our professional drivers, about our new tractors. We added 635 to the fleet, cycling them in to continually maintain one of the newest, most technically advanced and impressive fleets in the industry.

What does this mean for you? First of all, it means that we listen to you. We have been receiving feedback from drivers that twin-screw axels have better traction in inclement conditions than other tractor options, and we decided to make a change based on that feedback. Not to mention these new trucks — 575 Kenworth T680s and 60 Freightliner Cascades — have larger interiors for greater driver comfort. 

It also means that our fleet will be even safer, freeing up driver attention that may have been focused on shifting gears and placing that attention on road conditions, fellow drivers and traffic patterns.

Finally, this means that you may have more of an option when it comes to your preferred tractor set-up. Your safety, comfort and happiness is important to us.

Check out this infographic for more information about the fleet, and tell us what features you like in your tractor on our Facebook page,










April 27th, 2015

At Con-way Truckload, one of our top priorities is the health and safety of our employees, which is why we created our tobacco cessation program – a support system which encourages our employees to quit smoking once and for all. Every month, the program grows in success as our employees align in their journey to quit smoking. Last month alone, six new Con-way Truckload employees joined the program and one employee officially quit smoking!

Consider this: 

  • Smoking increases the risk of lung cancer by 25.7 times
  • Tobacco causes gingivitis and periodontitis
  • Smoking increases the risk of having a stroke and developing deadly cardiovascular disease
  • When cigarettes burn, you inhale more than 7,000 chemicals into your body
  • Smoking can affect your mental health



In short – Smoking leads to disease, disability and harms almost every organ in your body.

If you are an employee considering quitting smoking, join Con-way Truckload’s smoking cessation wellness program through TrestleTree. We are here to help keep you healthy. Please call 866-316-4636 for more information or to enroll today.

Do you or someone you know have plans for a smoke-free future? Share your story with us on Facebook,