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December 29th, 2015

Earlier this month, we shared driver experiences with Wreaths Across America (WAA). Our company’s participation and support of WAA each year is part of our larger commitment to veterans — a commitment we reaffirmed that same weekend at a historical Statement of Support signing event coordinated by FASTPORT for the Employee Support of the Guard and Reserves (ESGR).

Senior Manager of Driver Recruiting, Gretchen Jackson signs the Statement of Support

Our Senior Manager of Driver Recruiting, Gretchen Jackson, joined FASPORT, ESGR, the Department of Defense and more than 40 employers at the Pentagon on Dec. 11 to participate in the ceremony. There, we formally pledged XPO Logistics Truckload’s support for their Guard and Reserve employees, vowing to advocate for them while they pursue their careers and fulfill their military obligations. This pledge affirms that we are ready and able to stand as first responders in veteran employment.


The purpose of the Statement of Support program is to increase employer backing by encouraging employers to act as advocates for employee participation in the military. Alex Baird, ESGR Executive Director said in a press release from FASTPORT, “Today, supportive employers are critical to maintaining the strength and readiness of the nation’s Guard and Reserve units.” The Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) Statement of Support program is the cornerstone of ESGR’s efforts to gain and maintain employer support of employee service in the Guard and Reserve.”

When asked about the experience and XPO’s participation, Gretchen said, “We’ve always seen the value of supporting our nation’s military. It’s the right thing to do. It’s why we participate in programs like Wreaths Across America, why we rolled out our True to the Troops program earlier this year and why we have our own military advocate to help not only hire, but work with our service member employees to ensure they are succeeding in their careers while being able to meet their service requirements.”

If you have questions about any of our military programs, please contact us to learn more about XPO Logistics Truckload’s commitment to our military members.

December 21st, 2015

Over the years, XPO Logistics Truckload (formerly Con-way Truckload) has had an impressive collection of heroes. This heroes series serves to honor their actions, both on and off America’s roadways. Stay tuned for more stories about our company’s heroes – past and present – over the coming weeks. 

Robert Woolf

In 2013, professional driver Robert Woolf earned the designation of Highway Angel from the Truckload Carriers Association, for his efforts to help a fellow driver survive a serious car accident in upstate New York.

Early in the morning on November 7, 2012, Woolf was driving his truck on I-90 near Syracuse, New York, when a small passenger car passed him. The two vehicles reached a curve in the highway, and suddenly the passenger car went off the road, smashing violently against the guardrail. When the guardrail ended, the car lunged across the median into oncoming traffic, spun back over the median and finally came to a stop.

Seeing the accident unfold in front of him, Robert Woolf immediately called 911, came to a stop and exited his truck to see if he could help in some way. In driver training school, Woolf had been taught that, in the event of a life-threatening accident such as this, it is vital to keep the victim perfectly still to avoid exacerbating any potential spinal injuries. Woolf did just that, propping the unconscious man up with his shoulder and cupping his hand against the man’s neck to serve as a brace. He was able to successfully stabilize the driver until the paramedics arrived.

Instantly, Woolf’s actions were recognized as heroic, though the Leland, North Carolina, native remained humble in an emotional speech at the ceremony honoring his Highway Angel designation.

“You can’t see something like that happen right in front of you and not try to do something,” Woolf said. “Your conscience tells you that you have to [help].”

Later in his Highway Angel acceptance speech, Woolf did not shy away from the one issue that XPO Logistics holds as its top priority: safety.

“If you had seen what I saw that day, you would wear your seat belt the way it is intended,” Woolf said. “That man would not have survived without his seat belt.”

Born in North Carolina, Woolf spent his childhood in the Florida Keys, only to return to North Carolina. He is the proud father of twin boys and a daughter.

November 25th, 2015

With the holiday season right around the corner, we thought it was a good time to talk to about cargo safety and share some helpful tips on what you can do to reduce the risk.

According to American Journal of Transportation, thefts tended to spike on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and slowly decrease in the days following. During the week of Thanksgiving for the past three years, a total of $6 million in cargo was stolen.

Thanksgiving cargo theft trends infographic courtesy of American Journal of Transportation

Thanksgiving cargo theft trends infographic courtesy of American Journal of Transportation

Prevention is key in reducing the risks to both our customers and professional drivers. Our risk management team here at XPO Logistics Truckload, want to make sure that our professional drivers have best practices in place to help reduce the likelihood of a theft.

When it comes to parking, always make sure you park in well lit, authorized areas. When possible, back up to a wall, pole or any structure that would make opening the trailer doors difficult. Remember, cargo at rest is cargo at risk. When the truck is parked please make sure you use your anti-theft devices.

For our drivers who are carrying a high value load, an automatic notification will be sent to you via our onboard communications system when you enter a high risk area. Another one will be sent if you drop down to a certain speed or stop to remind you of the possible risk.

Whether you are picking up at a customer or stopping to fuel up, please be aware of your surroundings and always lock you truck. If you experience a theft, please call your fleet manager or the safety department immediately. Experts also recommend to drive 200 miles or four hours after picking up a load. Remember, your safety continues to be a number one priority here at Truckload. If you have any questions or concerns please call your fleet manager.

Thank you for all you do and have a happy and safe holiday season.