Our most recent LIVE Facebook chat took place on March 31st, 2015 and we were pleased to welcome Christine Kost, an experienced former driver and current recruiter for Con-way Truckload as a special guest.

Check out the transcript below for some of Christine’s insights. Remember: you can always ask us questions on Facebook or Twitter, just include #ConwayTL in your post or post to our Facebook page!

Con-way Truckload: Today we welcome recruiter Christine to the chat! Christine has been with Con-way for 11 years, worked as a driver and currently works with a lot of our incoming student drivers. She’s happy to answer any questions about becoming a new driver or about life on the road!

Q. I wanted to ask if you don’t have your CDL can Con-way help you get them to become a driver?

Con-way Truckload: Thank you for asking! We certainly help people obtain their CDL with free training! That’s right, we cover the cost of housing, meals AND tuition in exchange for a 12 month over the road contract to drive with Con-way Truckload! Give us a call at 866-265-2617 

Q. What is your pay per mile starting off? I’ve been offered .35 cents per mile and was just wondering about what Conway pays.

Con-way Truckload: That depends on driving experience. We also often get asked about our benefits here at Con-way Truckload. Check out this link to learn more: http://true2blue.com/benefits/

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Con-way Truckload: Struggling to find a healthy balance while on the road? Christine understands the challenge of staying healthy while driving and as a personal success used diet and exercise to lose 60 pounds. For health tips and real stories from the road visit our blog at www.steeringyourhealth.com

Q. I would love to work for you guys are there any openings in the Sacramento, CA area?

Con-way Truckload: We certainly have over the road available in this area. Give us a call at 866-265-2617

Con-way Truckload: When on the road, Christine’s favorite place was the Tiger Truck Stop of Louisiana. Great Cajun food and fresh homemade pies. What do you like to eat on the road?

A. Honey Creek Restaurant in Waverly Nebraska

A. Little taco stand in Vo Ormy Texas.

A. I used to stop at that truck stop. Food was great, restrooms were awful, but watching the live tiger get fed made up for the restrooms, lol. Just thoughts from a retired Con-way driver

Christine Kost: Thanks for joining!


Con-way Truckload: Thanks to everyone who joined us today! Call us any time with more questions at 866-265-2617 or tweet your questions using hashtag ‪#‎ConwayTL

Mark your calendars for our next live chat on May 28th, 2015. RSVP here.

New Tractors

Written by: on May 11th, 2015

Last month we made a big announcement that garnered a lot of positive feedback from you, our professional drivers, about our new tractors. We added 635 to the fleet, cycling them in to continually maintain one of the newest, most technically advanced and impressive fleets in the industry.

What does this mean for you? First of all, it means that we listen to you. We have been receiving feedback from drivers that twin-screw axels have better traction in inclement conditions than other tractor options, and we decided to make a change based on that feedback. Not to mention these new trucks — 575 Kenworth T680s and 60 Freightliner Cascades — have larger interiors for greater driver comfort. 

It also means that our fleet will be even safer, freeing up driver attention that may have been focused on shifting gears and placing that attention on road conditions, fellow drivers and traffic patterns.

Finally, this means that you may have more of an option when it comes to your preferred tractor set-up. Your safety, comfort and happiness is important to us.

Check out this infographic for more information about the fleet, and tell us what features you like in your tractor on our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/ConwayTruckload.










We are True to the Troops

Written by: on May 6th, 2015

May is National Military Appreciation Month. Last Friday we celebrated the occasion in a unique way – by kicking off our new military appreciation campaign, True to the Troops, and unveiling our two new, military-themed trucks. The event, which took place at our Joplin headquarters, also included our local color guard and remarks from Joplin Mayor, Michael Siebert, proclaiming May 1, 2015 as “Con-way Truckload True to the Troops Day.”

We knew we wanted the drivers of the newly wrapped trucks to be military service members, past or present, and we left the rest up to you. Leading up to the event we hosted a social media contest asking our fans to nominate veteran drivers that have served our country and now represent Con-way Truckload in an exemplary fashion.  Of the more than 60 veteran drivers nominated, two lucky drivers were chosen to be the first behind the wheel of the newly wrapped trucks. Our two winners were Tomy Fox and Darrell Bogan. Their brief bios are below:


Tomy Fox

Tomy Fox served our country in the United States Air Force from December of 1972 to March of 1993. He retired as a Master Sergeant and joined Con-way Truckload. During his time of service, Fox was a firefighter for the Air Force, a Military Training Instructor at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas and a combat controller in Vietnam

Fox has been a driver trainer for Con-way Truckload since 1995.  He has driven 2 million miles since joining Con-way Truckload.  As a skilled driver trainer, he often requests loads to the Pacific Northwest for each of his students to allow them to have mountain training.

“It is an honor. We need to get more military in this industry,” Fox says of being chosen to drive one of Con-way Truckload’s new military-themed tractor-trailers. “I think these trucks will help.”

Darrell Bogan

Darrell Bogan served in the National Guard from 1984 to 1990.  He specialized in combat communication, switchboard operations and tactical wiring. Bogan went through basic training at Fort McClellean in Alabama and IT training at Fort Wood in Georgia. He has been driving for Con-way Truckload for almost 7 years.

“Con-way Truckload is the first place I went after driving school and I never drove for anyone else. I consider it an honor to drive the military-themed truck and represent my company and my country,” he said of his accomplishment.

“I want to stress to him that he is in fact a veteran.” his nominator says of Bogan, “He served the country and now he serves Con-way with the values he could’ve only learned from the military.


Tomy Darrell
Tomy Fox (left) and Darrell Bogan


Tomy and Darrell will be responsible for transporting the trucks to locations across the country for one month.  Congratulations to both drivers and thank you for your service!!


For more information, visit www.True2theTroops.com.